Is Krishna Nagar Market good for street food? Or a myth? Explore new places and fully tuck your tummy with magnificent food.

The most captivating street food in Krishna Nagar market is the Samosa Hub and Sehgal Pastries. Samosa is ladled out in 30 different varieties in Krishna Nagar street food market which is known as the best among all other street foods of India

Pizza Samosa and Malai Paneer Samosa are their specialties. The fillings in Pizza Samosa are enriched with cheese and an ample amount of veggies which is absolutely irresistible.

Though we suggest you try as many varieties as you can because everyone has an eccentric choice of taste and flavors when it comes to food!

The market is pretty huge and finding the right food point to console your stomach is pretty tough as well.

Paneer Malai samosa will break the ravenousness with its delicious filling of cream and cottage cheese melted outside from the samosas.prices are satisfactory and affordable for an average person. What else can you breathe from 30-40 bucks?

Sehgal pastry is one of the oldest food shops in east Delhi. its been more than 30 years they are serving supreme quality food keeping in mind the emergence of hygiene. Pasta sandwich and pizza sandwich are most in demand.

The most awaited and super demanding street food in Krishna Nagar market is afeem wale bhatoore, the taste of the food is extremely ordinary, yet they green chili pickle they serve made a huge difference in the taste. Afeem ke bhatoore are extremely affordable only for rupees 60.

Is Krishna Nagar Market good for street food? yes, it is worth appraising. Never stop exploring food and places if you didn’t have much good experience.

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