what is content writing?
Content Writing

What is Content writing?

Let’s understand the concept of content writing!

what is content writing?

Content writing is not what people think of it (typing or copying subject matter). Content writing is a very vast concept. If you are thinking of becoming a part of the writing world, then I may provide you in-depth knowledge of such creative field.”Because content is king.” 

When the word content writing pops up, several things arrives into the mind like layers of writing, such as the process of content creation, the concept, researching well before writing something, marketing of content, etc.

Not much people are aware of the fact that content writers are pressurized to write articles on strict deadlines, unaware of the fact that unlike other corporate jobs writing needs a vision and a free environment. it takes time to create unimaginable content. Four walls office space is just a hindrance for creators. Writing 2000-4000 words in a day is a work of writers who have to create write-ups like a content factory for several niches.

The main work of content writing starts when a person is fully aware of the type of work he/she is doing. If the knowledge is half acquired, it’s quality will drop very fast.

Content writing is either a “talent” as you call it or a practiced skill to be used in a real field. Without any content, one can’t express what he/she is trying to describe or what message they are delivering they are trying to deliver to the readers.

quality content

“Never sacrifice the quality to fill in word limits.”

Usage of content

  • Content is used in every field. either it’s the infographics, a blog, explanation of machine, etc. I can’t imagine another better way of explaining things if not content.
  • By the word content, doesn’t think that only written content is content writing, written content could also be used in the form of script to be further used in a video.
  • Some content is used in infographics and captions.
  • Content is considered crucial mostly at the time of brand promotions.
  • E-Books, considered as the greatest factory of content and the most in demand.
  • White papers and website copy are one of the ways which are used to help clients remember what your business is all about and website copy will guide them towards your home page. content plays a vital role here for writers working on an extreme level.
  • Product descriptions for e-commerce stores.
  • and why haven’t I talked about the email newsletters? content is most crucial here to be used professionally.

What do content writers do?

work of a content writer

Work of a content writer is extremely exquisite yet head bugging. there are procedures to be followed in every field before the completion of a given project or target. let’s understand in detail what is the work of content writers!

  • We as Content Writers need a healthy environment and enough space to think freely. This work is not just plucking a flower type task. Even good food takes time before getting ready! and what about the garnishing above it when it’s prepared? Yes, this is how content is prepared. Content written in a hurry or for money can’t reach heights. But if it’s written by heart and extreme research attracting audiences won’t be much of a task.
  • Talking about research! Do you think researching is possible if one is not self-aware of the subject matter involved? After acknowledging the subject matter every detailed research is to be taken care of. Random write-up reflects one’s own petty knowledge towards the topic concerned. It’s okay to take help from other websites of the same niche if a writer feels lost. take help from more than two or three websites and understand how far they have provided information which is relevant to write, to be read by the users later.
  • Content writers are entitled to provide facts and not imaginary information. Do not, I repeat! do not provide baseless write-ups. Be factual and jot-down every aspect regarding the issue or the topic involved so that no-one leaves clueless. People will be able to understand only if you provide clear as well as factual data.
  • And who needs repeated content? “Instead of wasting time in being out of the box or inside of the box, why not just paint the bloody box! Or what if there was never a box?” create your own niches, create demand and write unique content in a unique way.

life of a writer


If you want to become a writer then try and live every moment of what you’re experiencing right now. Trust me I have written a lot of content without even experiencing those things, and it was all a trash. And if I have forgot to mention any point in the article above please let me know in the comment section below. Because I sincerely appreciate healthy criticism!

“I prefer the quality of content over quantity!” 


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